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From the highs of the Angkor to the lows of the Khmer Rouge, plucky Cambodia offers an intriguing travel experience, with its incredible history, low-key beaches, lovely countryside and humble people.

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Once the greatest city the world had ever seen, the vast ruins of this famous World Heritage site is revealed in all it’s glory here. Know before you go…click and read more.

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Cambodia’s laid-back capital is a curious blend of history, NGO handiwork, French colonialism and fun nightlife. Delve into the daily ups and downs of the locals…click and read more.

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Thousands year old temples are juxtaposition alongside killing fields, beaches just waiting for a tourist to show up, quaint tumble down provincial towns, it’s an ‘experience’ in Cambodoa… click and read more.

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Despite everything they’ve been through, the Khmers are noted as some of the friendliest and sweetest hosts in Asia. To be sure, the country’s infrastructure needs working on, but that doesn’t stop them presenting some comfortable hotels, boutique guesthouses and yummy restaurants in the tourist areas. Served with a smile and surprisingly good English, the hospitality in Cambodia is memorable, even if it lacks VIP treatment. Jet into Siem Reap for the weekend and discover a charming experience, or check into a plush new Phnom Penh ‘guest-hotel’ for less than $20 a night. Find great deals or recommendations on this site for instant booking at guaranteed best prices from Agoda.

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There are two big stories to Cambodia one glorious, the other infamous. Angkor stands as a magnificent monument to mankind’s sublime architectural development and artistic expression as early as the 11th Century, with Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and The Bayon, among many more. Siem Reap is a comfortable base during this multi-day excursion, with the massive fishery-rich Tonle Sap nearby for sunset cruises. The sadder side of recent Cambodian history is a sombre and moving experience in the capital Phnom Penh, with the Toul Sleng Museum and Killing Fields a reminder of the dark days under Pol Pot. But the city does have a charming side, with it’s French Colonial Quarter, Napoleonic Avenues and Khmer architecture seen in the Independence monument and Royal Palace.

Head south and you can enjoy a low-key beach experience at Sihanoukville, the main coastal town in Cambodia. Or you can decamp to Koh Kong to escape from it all. Kampot and Kep are laid-back, typically provincial Cambodian towns in the South, popular for a humble experience. Shopping for art and handicrafts is worthwhile, and food is good value. Khmer antiques are also worth looking out for. Above all, the Khmers are sweet and friendly.

Honoring ancestors in Cambodia

Most Asian cultures have a tradition of honoring their deceased family – their ancestors. Bonn P’Chum Ben is the Cambodian religious festival that is held annually on the 15th day of the waning moon, Ronouch, during the 10th month on the Khmer calendar, Pheaktrobotr.
Though this may not be enough to plan a trip around, it’s certainly worth keeping in mind for a visit during the autumn months. …more