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Cambodia has grown from a backpacker treat to an international tourist hotspot which welcomes affluent visitors from all over the globe.  And with the beauty of the Angkor temple complex, poignant reminders of Year Zero atrocities at the Killing Fields and spectacular natural wonders at Ream National Park, memorable Cambodia pictures are easy to come by.

Cambodia is a diverse country with countless things to capture on film, be it Irrawaddy dolphins frolicking in Tonle Sap Lake, plucky minefield victims or French colonial architecture in Phnom Penh. We’ve earnestly put together a varied selection of Cambodia pictures which shows off the nation in all its embattled glory. Must-see activities are also featured plus colourful local scenes including kickboxing and baskets of delicious giant crabs.

Click on any of the Cambodia pictures below for a slide show:

Notes on taking pictures in Cambodia

This poor Southeast Asian nation is not the best equipped with photography stores to cater for visiting tourists, and visitors are best advised to stock up on memory cards and other such essentials when transiting through Bangkok, KL or Singapore.

Visitors must be especially careful not to offend local etiquette when taking pictures in Cambodia, and to dress conservatively so not to cause offence. The Khmer people are extremely relaxed and will have no problem in being including in your holiday pictures of Cambodia, but it is only polite to ask their permission first and they may want a small gratuity.

Cambodia pictures will make a long-lasting souvenir of your visit to the country and there are countless great things here to capture on film, so remember to take your camera with you everywhere. There are striking Cambodia pictures to be found every corner of the island with super-friendly local people, national parks, beaches and diverse wildlife.

Safety can be a concern when carrying valuables in Cambodia, so remember not to be ostentatious with your expensive kit. In general, however, those people that take sensible precautions will have no real reason to be anxious while taking pictures in Cambodia.

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