Tourist map of Cambodia

Getting around without a Cambodia map can be tricky, but we've produced this tourist-friendly map of Cambodia to help you better understand the geography of this troubled yet charismatic country.

Click on the areas below for a zoomable map of Cambodia:

The nation of Cambodia has long been a favourite stop on the Southeast Asia backpacker’s trail with plenty of diverse culture and entertainment for youthful travellers. But the new breed of expats and affluent tourists have started dropping by, attracted by superb international restaurants, chic French colonial bars plus plenty of hedonistic treats on offer.

Why not explore the Angkor Temple Complex or find secluded beaches in Ream National Park with our tourist map of Cambodia?

Seeing all the varied attractions of Phnom Penh during your time here normally involves organising a guided tour or battling with motorcycle-taxis. Both can be an unnecessary hassle, but getting around by hired transport is a difficult experience without a decent tourist map of Cambodia.

Here we have listed as many interesting places for visitors to experience on our tourist map of Cambodia. There are countless guesthouses, unique eateries and other top sightseeing attractions as well, such as museums and exciting activities for the entire family. With our Cambodia map you will never be bored in during your stay.

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