Visas for Cambodia

Cambodia visas are easy to arrange

Cambodia visas are easy to arrange

Obtaining a visa to enter Cambodia for tourism purposes is pretty simple as these visas are available at border crossings as well as at the airport. Travellers who want to save the time and trouble of waiting for their visa application to be processed can also apply in advance from the Cambodian embassy either in their own country or in another country.

A number of agencies also offer to apply on the behalf of travellers for a fee. While this can save the time and hassle of visiting the embassy and queuing, it is important to ensure that the agency is reputable before surrendering your passport as there is usually no comeback if the passport is stolen or ‘lost’.

Cambodia 30 day tourist visa (Type ‘T’) on arrival

Tourist visas are available at border crossing as well as on arrival at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports. These tourist visas cost US$20 and are valid for 30 days from the date of entry. 

These visas can also be extended once for an extra 30 days. However, tourists who overstay their visa will be charged a fine of US$5 each day. It can be difficult to get future Cambodian visas if you have previous overstays in your passport.

However, tourists from the Philippines may stay in Cambodia for 21 days without a visa, while this is extended to 30 days for Malaysians and Singaporeans. Also, visitors from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Saudi Arabia must apply for a visa from the Cambodian embassy in their country.

Tourist visa requirements

Visitors must submit a passport photograph along with a passport valid for at least another six months. Application forms should be filled in before approaching the desk as those with incomplete or incorrectly filled in forms will be sent away to complete the form.

Applying for Cambodia visas online

It is also possible to apply for visas online. Simply contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  for more details. The fee for online visas, including the processing fee comes to costs US$25. The visa takes three days to process.

Cambodia business visa (Type ‘E’)

Thirty-day business visas cost US$25 and can be extended to six months (US$145) and 12 months (US$290). In addition, diplomatic and official visas are issued free of charge.

At the border crossing / Immigration

Travellers should take care at border crossings, especially in Poipet, where theft is common. It is best to keep valuables hidden and be particularly cautious of beggars.

A large number of young children can be seen begging at border crossings and although the urge may be to help them, those who give money or gifts to these children can soon find themselves surrounded and parted from their goods in the confusion. A number of people at border crossings also offer to queue in the place of travellers for a small fee, which is actually illegal and can land the unwary traveller in serious trouble. It is also common for the people stamping the passport to ask for a small bribe. However, they rarely insist and those who refuse politely yet firmly should be able to pass through with no trouble. 

Many people travel through Southeast Asia overland, passing through a number of different countries along the way. Two of the most popular places to visit after Cambodia and Thailand and Vietnam. Visas for Thailand are available on entry, while visas for Vietnam need to be obtained in advance. 

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